We got inspired by the city of love.

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Julia Garcia Prat and I have been chatting about doing a creative photoshoot together for as long as we have known each other. In winter of 2023, we finally took the jump and booked our tickets to beautiful Paris. We had been dreaming of doing something in the city of love for ever and it did not disappoint.

Paris has always been my favorite place in the whole world. The first time I had the chance to visit this beautiful city, 17 years ago, I fell in love. Not just with the amazing food, but with the architecture, its history, the numerous museums and against all odds its people. Ha! I most certainly was a French Girl in another life. I have always wanted to come back ever since.

Julia lived in Paris for a few years a while ago and knew the spots she wanted to go to. Among those places were the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Montmartre. All different vibes and styles. Just like our ''regular'' couples.

On my end, I was responsible for finding the dresses and suits, flowers, accessories & makeup and hair artists, for all three photoshoots. In addition to our regular work schedule we welcomed the extra workload with pleasure and excitement.

So, when Julia suggested going to Paris for a photoshoot, it was only natural to I say YES! Our original plan was to do one photoshoot to get a feeling of the country, the wedding vendors, habits, pricing, venues... but it very quickly became 4 photoshoots. One castle and 3 in the streets of Paris, showcasing the beauty of the city and her people.

During our trip, we met the most amazing people, from vendors to models including the little coffee staff letting us use their coffee shops for brainstorming and changing. We saw the most beautiful places, smiles and love ever. Even if we did work much more than intended (8 days out of 9 on site) I would do it all over again anytime. It truly was a dream come true to get to work and live as a Parisian for a few days!

Our goal going to Paris was to explore the city, start relationships with wedding vendors and get our name out there to attract couples from all over the world to Paris and Montreal. Paris is a beautiful city, filled with love and beauty, and weirdly accessible for everyone to consider to get married.

A big thank you to all our amazing teams that helped us make our dreams a reality


Models: Anais & Thomas

Photos: Julia Garcia Prat

Makeup: Roksa Kravchuk

Hair styling: Solomia

Dress: Victor & Rolf chez Metal Flaque

Suit: Blandin & Delloye Paris

Bague: Loft Bijoux Montréal


Models: Félicité & Julien

Photos: Julia Garcia Prat

Makeup & Hair styling: Laure Baruch

Dress: Robelie Montréal

Suit: Blandin & Delloye Paris

Ring: Loft Bijoux Montréal


Models: Clarice & Paul

Photos: Julia Garcia Prat

Makeup & Hair styling: Frederika

Dress: Robelie Montreal

Suit: Blandin & Delloye Paris

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