Get inspired with this architectural anniversary in Geneva.

A perfect wedding anniversary in Geneva

My dear friend Kristina Bastien and I went for coffee back in January and she mentioned her upcoming trip to Geneva in February. She was going to photograph a couple for their wedding anniversary and wanted my help to plan their day. It was everything romantic dreams are made of.

Josianne and Asaf have been married for a few years now. They decided to get married in Asaf's country - Mexico since it had a great significance in both of their lives. To celebrate their wedding anniversary, they reached out to Kristina, who posted a request looking for couples to photograph while in Switzerland. And she reached out to me to help plan it out.

The idea was to create a truly romantic and poetic experience for our couple. With soft tones, inspired from their home town architectures, natural materials and delicate outfits, Kristina and I were able to create a poetic, high end experiment for both Josy and Asaf, but with the vendors as well.

I have never really traveled a lot in my life. But I do have a bucket list of places I want to see in my life time. Switzerland is now on my list. When Kristina mentioned her trip and Josy and Asaf's story I couldn't help myself to be involved in this new, amazing experience. Started researching stunning locations, trends that would fit our vision and slowly we had THE BEST moodboard for a Switzerland wedding anniversary.

Under the cloudy blue skies, the day started quite early with hair and makeup at Estelle's studio and then we moved to the magnificent grand Hotel Beau Rivage where we were met with the most helpful and friendly staff. Even if we had a room, we were allowed to shoot in the building and work with the beautiful decors on site.

Josy and Asaf were so thankful for the opportunity to get a refined wedding experience, even if it was only for their anniversary. Exchanging vows again and living a second wedding day was the perfect way to celebrate their anniversary.

We started our planning with the location. Debating between the great outdoors, the Alps, lakes, forests... endless amazing landscape to work with or the castle and ancient architectures, we opted for a city anniversary focusing on Geneva's landscape and culture.

A big thank you to all our amazing teams that helped us make our dreams a reality

Planning and Design: Simplement nous

Photos: Kristina Bastien

Video: The Yelles

Hair and Makeup: Estelle Mordan

Dresses: Laure de Sagazan chez Ayo Mariage

Accessories: Ayo Mariage

Veil: Rebecca Anne Design

Flowers: Lila et Rose

Location: Hotel Beau Rivage

Table setting: Option Geneva

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